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Oil & Gas in Alberta

Oil Drilling rig - viewed from below

Sourcing economically attractive projects in Western Canada

  • Canada produces 5% of the world’s oil & gas
  • Canada has the highest environmental standards in the world
  • Oil fuels 90% of world transportation
  • Natural gas is a significant amount of world heat and electricity
Alberta Map-labelled with projects

Mining Projects in Ontario

Wajaxing Woco South

Argo Gold’s has a portfolio of six properties located in the northern and northwestern regions of Ontario, Canada. This world-class portfolio, 100%-owned by Argo Gold, represents the potential for enormous gold, silver-zinc and cobalt resources with economic viability.

Currently, Argo Gold’s portfolio consists of three properties focused on Gold, one property concentrated on Cobalt and one property exploring for Silver and Zinc.

Map-of-Ontario-Canada Dec 2020

Gold Exploration – Northwest Ontario

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